Balance First Bike Riding

Balance Bikes are perfect for toddlers as young as two years old as it teaches them to balance before learning how to use the pedal. Absence of the wheels improves the childs’ ability to take control of the bike. This means children learn to balance, steer and gain confidence on two wheels while being able to place their feet firmly on the ground. Every child develops differently, but between the ages of two and seven, children want to be able to explore the wider world on their own. Balance bikes are a great way for toddlers to experience the tumbles and the tears, after all this is all part of growing up. Balance bikes encourage determination and willpower and teach children to pick themselves up after a fall. Cycling allows the child to understand stability in a natural way, without stabilizers and parents’ support and guidance.

Since the toddler balance bikes do not have pedals, the child is also going to learn how to keep their balance, which is critical to riding a bike. By using their own body weight to remain on the bike, and to remain upright, they are going to get the proper posture down, which is going to go a long way in teaching them how to learn and ride at a younger age. And, due to the fact that the bikes are made for younger kids (some companies make them for kids as young as 2 years old), parents are quickly going to notice the improvement in balance, and in the riding stance which their child is going to develop when they are training with the toddler balance bikes.

Once you have the proper safety equipment, you are ready to begin the bike riding lessons. First, make sure that the bicycle is adjusted properly. Your child's feet should reach the ground when she is sitting on the bike. This will allow her to catch herself if she falls off of the bike.

The appearance of being in position to keep her feet on to the ground and right herself at the appropriate time improved her confidence. In one day she was coasting down the 100 yard long hill with her feet in the air. A few more days of this training and then we squeeze pedals back on her bike.

Using the balance or push bike the child can move the bike using their feet. Their feet remain on the ground at first as they move with the push bike. They may also be seated on the bike’s seat if they are big enough which is actually not required.

Is your kid waiting for Christmas presents? Maybe your child’s birthday is soon. However, there shouldn’t be a special occasion for buying a bike. Your kid should learn how to ride a bicycle. Imagine how awesome it would be to organize family bicycle tours. Riding to the nearest forest or park to have a small picnic, you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s a great possibility to become closer and spend a great time together. However, you kid can’t ride. What should do? Buy a strider!